A delegation from the European Commission came out to Gibraltar from Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th May 2019.

The meeting was chaired by Mr C Collinson (Director, EU Programmes Secretatariat)

Also in attendence were:

- Ms S Galia (EU Programmes Facilitator)

- Ms K Azopardi (ESF/ETC Co-Ordinator)

- Mr K Stimson (EU Communications Officer)

- Ms J Knight (ERDF Desk Officer for Gibraltar; DG Regio)

- Mr M Vermyle(ESF Desk Officer for Gibraltar; DG EMPLOI)

- Ms F Mantas (DG Regio)

- Mr S Welin (DG Regio)

- Mr E Macquisten (Chamber of Commerce)

- Mr P Origo (Town Planner)

- Mr K Desoisa (Environmental Agency)

- Ms S Guillem (Ministry for Equality, Social Services & the Elderly)

- Ms S Harris (EY Limited)

- Mr K Bensusan (GOHNS)

- Ms J Victor (Gibraltar Tourist Board)

- Mr R Montado (Office of the Chief Secretary)

- Ms J Robba (Treasury)

- Mr G Matto (Technical Services)

- Ms K Noguera (Employment Services)

- Mr P Costa (Ministry of Economic Development and Commerce)

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