The Med Programme


The transnational cooperation programme MED 2014-2020 supports the sharing of experience, knowledge, and the improvement of public policies between national, regional and local authorities and other territorial actors. It is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and includes the following territories:


The 2014-2020 Programme Axes:

The overall strategy of the MED Programme 2014-2020 falls within the objectives of the European Union, as defined in the EU “2020 Strategy”. Moreover, the MED Programme must be aligned with the specifications set by the EU Common Strategic Framework for EU Cohesion Policy. The MED Programme comes under the scope of the strategies of Mediterranean sustainable development. In this particular context; the following objectives have been selected by the future programme:

Axis 1: Promoting Mediterranean innovation capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth.

- To increase transnational activity of innovative clusters and networks of key sectors of the MED area.

Axis 2: Fostering low-carbon strategies and energy efficiency in specific MED territories: cities, islands and remote areas.

- To raise capacity for better management of energy in public buildings at transnational level.

- To increase the share of renewable local energy sources in energy mix strategies and plans in MED territories.

- To increase capacity to use existing low carbon transport systems and multimodal connections among them.

Axis 3: Protecting and promoting Mediterranean natural and cultural resources.

- To enhance sustainable development policies for more efficient valorisation of natural resources and cultural heritage in coastal and adjacent maritime areas.

- To maintain biodiversity and natural ecosystems through strengthening the management and networking of protected areas.

Axis 4: A shared Mediterranean Sea.

- To support the process of developing multilateral coordination frameworks and strengthening the existing ones in the Mediterranean for joint responses to common challenges.

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